24 Greek Food and Coffee places for a culinary Odyssey in the heart of London


A complete food and coffee place list from the team at Greeklist.

1. Introduction

Embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant streets of London as we unveil a culinary tapestry rich in Greek tradition and flavor. In this comprehensive guide, we navigate the city’s bustling food scene to bring you a curated list of 25 authentic Greek restaurants, coffee spots and food places, each offering a unique blend of Mediterranean delights.

From the iconic flavors of moussaka and souvlaki to the warmth of traditional Greek hospitality, this article invites you to explore the diverse and mouthwatering world of Greek cuisine nestled within the heart of London. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, prepare to indulge in the enchanting tastes and aromas that these culinary gems have to offer.

2. The best Greek restaurants and coffee places in London

Here is our top pick for greek food & coffee in London!

Tony’s Pita

A family run restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and atmosphere, offering homemade food cooked in a charcoal grill, gyros, salad and other traditional Greek meals served every day.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 (0)20 7722 5227
  • email: bookings@tonyspita.co.uk
  • Adress: 4 New College Parade

Kima Restaurant

Drawing inspiration from the abundance of the Greek seas, this restaurant brings the Mediterranean culture of the Greek peninsula to London’s dining scene.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 (0) 77 4520 5136
  • email: reservations@kimarestaurant.com
  • Adress: 57 Paddington Street
  • website: www.kimarestaurant.com

Byzantium Restaurant

An impressive, unique and well-established Greek restaurant that is conveniently located between Bayswater and Queensway, that emphasises family-style food, traditional pastries (tsourekia, baklava etc.) and real Greek coffee.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 20 7229 9367
  • Adress: 31 Moscow Road


A shop where people would enjoy pitas from grannies all over Greece, reminding them of their childhood, started coming to life

Contact Information

  • Tel: 07517475040
  • email: info@yayakafood.co.uk

Ammos Greek Restaurant

This restaurant brings the love for Mediterranean flavours and gave it a home in a friendly and cosy place, five minutes from Hyde Park, in the heart of London.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 020 7262 0169
  • email: info@ammoshydepark.com
  • Adress: 28 Sussex Place

Going Greek

The owners of Going Greek have dedicated themselves (and its fancy kitchen) to recapturing the glory of greek food. A lot of the menu options are even veggie/vegan-friendly, too.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 020 3030 4543
  • email: info@goinggreek.co.uk
  • Adress: 18 The Green

Shire Oaks Fulham

The menu comprises vegan and keto diets to suit all dietary needs and choices. At Shire Oaks, Greek flavours are always present, with freddo espressos, frappes, Greek wine, and in the future, traditional Greek sweets and pies

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 (0)20 3532 5413
  • email: fulham@shire-oaks.co.uk
  • Adress: 226 North End Road Fulham

Fresko London

Their delicious, authentic Greek yogurt can be enjoyed in endless topping combinations, from traditional spoon sweets to organic honeys, crunchy nuts and fresh fruits.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 02072408322
  • email: hello@freskolondon.com
  • Adress: 44 Bedford Street

Artisimo Greek Bakery

A Greek bakery that combines all the traditional savoury and sweet flavours that we know and love with all the new flavours that modern Greek baking has to offer.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 07577505200
  • email: artisimolondon@gmail.com
  • Adress: 770 Green Lanes

Hellenic Bakery

It offers Greek Traditional Bread, Pastries, sandwiches, snacks, Freddo espresso and Freddo Cappuccino!

Contact Information

  • Tel: 02088893281
  • email: helennicbakeryboundsgreen@gmail.com
  • Adress: 112 Myddleton Road

Halepi | Greek & Cypriot Restaurant

This restaurant is hailed by the Automobile Association of America Guide as the best Greek restaurant in the world. Lunch can include anything from fresh fish dishes to salt marsh lamb and finishing off with sweet-tasting deserts.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 020 7262 1070
  • Adress: 18 Leinster Terrace

Pitta Lab

Based in North East London, in the vibrant and cool Hackney, Pitta Lab – Restaurant offers traditional Greek street food, as well as many vegetarian and vegan options, satisfying every desire!

Contact Information

  • Tel: 07310026238
  • email: info@pittalab.com
  • Adress: 18 Sidworth Street, Hackney


Specialising in supplying authentic Greek food products in Crystal Palace (South East London), and, they deliver high quality authentic Greek products to the wider community.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 07494 446 469
  • email: info@kamari.london
  • Adress: SE19 3RY

Meraki Restaurant – Bar

Nestled in the heart of Fitzrovia, the team have scoured the length and breadth of Greece’s regions to find the most tantalising ingredients such as Bottarga from Mesologgi, tomatoes from Santorini and butter from Crete.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 (0)207 305 7686
  • email: reservations@meraki-restaurant.com
  • Adress: 80-82 Great Titchfield Street


In this restaurant they servel kinds of Mediterranean inspired delicacies whilst staying true to Greek heritage, using  top quality ingredients while having a passion for Mediterranean cuisine.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 2070524471
  • email: info@nostimo.london
  • Adress: 9 Brunswick Centre

It’s All Greek To Me

A Greek restaurant and souvlaki bar with an authentic range of ‘unspoilt’ regional dishes and selected wines from across mainland Greece and our islands.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 207402 5505
  • email: hello@itsallgreeektome.london
  • Adress: 101 Praed Street

Opso Modern Greek Food

Inspired by traditional and contemporary Greek tastes, they create modern Greek tapas based on high quality ingredients, most of which are supplied directly from Greece, focusing on social style dining.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 (0)207 487 5088
  • email: reservations@opso.co.uk
  • Adress: 10 Paddington St

Bridge Cafe

Acafé where they specialise in the delightful combination of Greek coffee, fresh baguettes, and artisanal bakery creations.

Contact Information

  • Adress: 188 Du Cane Rd

Fratelli Greci Finest Foods – Delicatessen

A friendly, comfortable environment where customers buy, try and get to know quality delicatessen foods from Greece but also well known foods and drinks from all over the world.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 207724 2021
  • email: info@fratelligreci.com
  • Adress: 26 Seymour Pl

Molly Rose Bakery

Created by passion for home baking, inspired by its unlimited possibilities and driven by the desire to offer only high quality nutrition treats made from scratch.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 (0)207 5842690
  • email: molly@mollyrosebakery.co.uk
  • Adress: 74 Old Brompton Road

Borneo Cafe & Bakery

Offering a large variety of freshly baked Pastries like Spanakopites and Tsourekia,delicious birthday cakes, breakfast, omelettes, paninis, burgers, freshly squeezed juices, and many more.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 2082458021
  • email: Borneocafebakery@outlook.com
  • Adress: Green Lanes

Maltby & Greek

A leading supplier and distributor of premium Greek produce, sourcing the finest quality food products, wines, spirits and beers from across Greece and working directly with a network of small artisan producers.

Contact Information

  • Tel: 2079934548
  • email: info@maltbyandgreek.com
  • Adress: Arch 17

The Life Godess

A genuine cuisine project aiming to become a reference of new hellenic kitchen to the world. The cooking philosophy is based on a rustic tradition, so unrefined and simple that is deeply friendly and relaxing.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44(0)276936281
  • email: info@thelifegoddess.com
  • Adress: 29 Store Street

Ithaki Greek Kitchen

A place where three friends decided to start a culinary trip in London cooking and offer Greek food from the Ionian Islands, Athens and Asia Minor.

Contact Information

  • Tel: +44 (0) 77765 24051
  • email: info@ithakirestaurant.co.uk
  • Adress: 5-6 Hanger Green

3. The top-5 Greek dishes you must try

Explore the enchanting world of Greek cuisine as we unveil the top five must-try dishes in London’s vibrant Hellenic dining scene. Known for its emphasis on fresh, wholesome ingredients and bold flavors, Greek food offers a culinary adventure like no other.

Here is our top-5 pick:

Moussaka: A classic greek dish! Layers thinly sliced eggplants with spiced minced meat, tomatoes, onions, and rich béchamel sauce, all baked to perfection for a satisfying and hearty meal—a culinary symphony of flavors that captures the essence of Greek comfort cuisine.

Kalamarakia Tiganita (Fried Squid): A popular Greek appetizer consisting of tender squid that is typically cleaned, sliced into rings, and coated in a light batter before being deep-fried until golden and crispy. This dish showcases the delightful contrast between the crispy exterior and the tender, flavorful interior of the squid

Gemista (Stuffed Vegetables): Gemista involves stuffing vegetables, commonly tomatoes or bell peppers, with a delectable mixture of rice, aromatic herbs, and sometimes minced meat. Baked until the vegetables are tender, Gemista showcases the art of Greek vegetable-centric cooking.

Gyros: AGreek street food masterpiece, consists of seasoned and thinly sliced meat, often lamb or chicken, wrapped in warm pita bread. Topped with tomatoes, onions, and a drizzle of creamy tzatziki sauce.

Galaktoboureko: a luscious Greek dessert, features layers of buttery phyllo dough enveloping a creamy custard filling, drenched in a sweet citrus-infused syrup. Baked to golden perfection, each bite harmonizes the crispy texture of the pastry with the rich, velvety custard, delivering a delightful symphony of taste and texture.

Are you hungry? Check here our extended guide in Greek cuisine!

4. Conclusion

Indulging in Greek cuisine in the heart of London is not just a culinary experience but a cultural journey that transports you to the sun-soaked landscapes of Greece. From the savory layers of moussaka to the crispy delights of gyros and the sweet embrace of galaktoboureko, each dish tells a story of tradition, passion, and the warm hospitality of the Mediterranean. In every bite, you’ll find a harmonious blend of flavors that reflects the richness of Greek culinary heritage.

So, let the streets of London be your pathway to a Hellenic feast, where every meal becomes a celebration of life, love, and the joy found in sharing remarkable food with good company.

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