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Greeklist, envisioned by Avgoustinos Galiassos, is the leading platform dedicated to connecting the Greek community in the UK with a wide array of Greek businesses, professionals, and individuals. It also serves as a pivotal bridge for Greek companies from Greece seeking to expand their operations into the UK market. Here’s a consolidated overview of what makes Greeklist uniquely beneficial:

  • Direct Connections: Facilitates seamless interactions between Greeks in the UK and a comprehensive network of services, ensuring access to culturally aligned professionals and businesses.
  • Support for Greek Businesses: Acts as a strategic gateway for Greek businesses aiming to introduce and establish their presence in the UK, offering them a platform to reach a targeted audience.
  • Wide Range of Services: Covers diverse sectors including entertainment, professional business services, healthcare, legal, and financial advice, along with the latest news, job opportunities, and special promotions.
  • Community Engagement: Enhances communication and interaction among the Greek community across the UK, promoting unity and collaboration.

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Promoting Greek Businesses Beyond the Greek Community: Importantly, Greeklist also plays a crucial role in promoting Greek businesses to the non-Greek community in the UK. This aspect of Greeklist’s mission opens avenues for Greek businesses not only to thrive within their own community but also to expand their reach and influence across the broader UK market, introducing the rich Greek culture and quality services to a wider audience.

Greeklist stands as the quintessential hub for Greeks in the UK, a place where connections are made, businesses grow, and the Greek spirit thrives, all while extending its warmth and vibrancy to the non-Greek community across the United Kingdom.


Avgoustinos Galiassos moved to the UK in 2003 to pursue his Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at Warwick University. From the very beginning, he dedicated himself to the Greek Community, while simultaneously holding significant roles in multinational companies like Coca-Cola, Bloomberg, McVities British Biscuits, and Finlays British Tea Company, focusing on strategy, innovation, supply chain management, and product management.

Avgoustinos founded the world’s largest Greek Facebook Group, “Ellines sto Londino / Greeks in London,” boasting over 70,000 members. He also hosts a weekly TV show featuring Greek professionals on Hellenic TV, the only Greek language television channel operating outside of Greece and Cyprus since 1990. Since his early days in London, Avgoustinos recognized the crucial importance of connecting Greek businesses and professionals with both Greek and UK residents, as well as fostering ties between Greece and the UK.

Drawing from his personal journey relocating from Greece to the United Kingdom, Avgoustinos, along with his co-founder and wife Maria Chatziaslani, established the Greek List Group. Greeklist.co.uk is the most extensive and comprehensive directory of Greek companies and professionals in the UK, with over 800 listings.

In 2021, Avgoustinos took part in a teleconference with the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, providing feedback on a newly introduced law aimed at reversing the brain drain and enticing highly skilled professionals back to Greece. Additionally, he was a panelist alongside the Minister of State and Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, discussing how platforms like Greek List have introduced new revenue streams for Greek businesses abroad and how they promote Greece abroad

For two decades, Avgoustinos has been a leading figure in London’s Greek DJ scene, with a passion for music that transcends boundaries. While DJing remains his hobby, he’s renowned for orchestrating major events. You will find him behind all major Greek events in London, such as the Hellenic Initiative Charity Annual Ball at the Dorchester Hotel, the Oinoussian Ball at the Savoy Hotel, the Annual Ball of the Hellenic Engineers at the Grosvenor House Hotel , the Ball of Greek Bankers and many other prestigious Greek events and venues. Further to his UK’s capital residencies Avgoustinos regularly visits Monaco, Monte Carlo where he plays music at the Monaco Yacht Club and Hotel Hermitage as well as Island Club, Zonars, Salon de Bricolage and Privilege in Athens. He also served as the resident DJ at Nozomi, which was voted the best bar restaurant in London from 2006 to 2009, and the renowned Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge.


Maria Chatziaslani is a committed and driven communications leader. She graduated from LSE (London School of Economics) and has more than 11 years of experience in top creative agencies on major international brands in London and Paris.

She puts her heart and soul into everything she sets out to do and she has had a strong impact on the growth of the Greek List Group. At Greek List she looks after Client Relations and Marketing and is always thinking of the next step forward in terms of empowering the Greek community in the UK further.

When she isn’t focusing all her efforts on Greek List, you’ll find her wearing the GIWA (Greek International Women’s Awards) Committee member’s hat, and supporting voluntarily this incredible initiative of encouraging Greek Women to share their stories and be celebrated. Maria is a humanitarian at heart, a creative individual, and her motto in life is ‘if not now, then when?’.


Lili Piraki is a brilliant journalist and media expert that has manifested over the years her passion and hard work in various fields in the sector, such as TV and Radio Journalism in the best rated networks in Greece, as well as Public Relations for several fast growing brands in both Greece and in the UK. She studied in Athens and Cambridge.

At Greek List she is the Head of Content responsible for all the articles and written interviews. She is also the proud host of the Greek List podcast “Success Jar” which encapsulates her true passion, that of discovering people’s inspiring stories.

She is a driving force of the GIWA (Greek International Women Awards) Committee contributing her media expertise daily in order to empower and reward talented women to make a difference.

Lili is a devoted mother, wife and friend. An avid sea lover, a curious traveller, a wine aficionado and a cinephile. Her motto in life is “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

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