Easter in Corfu: A Celebration of Faith and Tradition

Easter in Corfu: A Celebration of Faith and Tradition

Easter in Corfu: A Celebration of Faith and Tradition

The Holy Week of Easter in Corfu is a time of solemnity and joy, marked by a series of religious rituals and traditional customs that reflect the island’s strong ties to Orthodox Christianity.

Megali Pempti (Holy Thursday)

One of the most important days of the Holy Week is Megali Pempti (Holy Thursday), which is dedicated to the painting of red eggs and the reading of the Twelve Gospels in all churches.

However, the Catholic Cathedral located in the “Duomo” of the Municipality Square has a special tradition. There, twelve candles are lit, and one is extinguished after the reading of each Gospel.

Megali Paraskevi (Good Friday)

The next day, Megali Paraskevi (Good Friday), is the day of the epitaph processions. In some churches in the city, the processions take place during the day, while in the villages, they occur on Friday night towards Saturday. The first epitaph to emerge is that of the Panagia Spiliotissa of Neo Frourio, followed by the Panagia Pantokratora in Campiello, and the last one to come out is that of the Metropolis, which appears after 10 pm, accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra.

Megalo Savvato (Holy Saturday)

The events and customs of Megalo Savvato (Holy Saturday) begin at 6 am, where at the Church of Panagia ton Xenon, an artificial earthquake takes place, reenacting the earthquake that occurred during the Resurrection, according to the Bible.

Later, the procession of the Epitaph of Agios Spyridon takes place, accompanied by the Litany of the Icon of Agios Spyridon, in memory of the island’s salvation from famine. The first Resurrection takes place here at 11.00 am on Saturday morning.

These customs and moments are what both visitors and locals eagerly anticipate, and they happen only in Corfu.

From every balcony and rooftop, locals throw large ceramic pots filled with water, in a custom signifying the Resurrection of Christ and the renewal of life.

Easter in Corfu is a time of deep religious devotion and community spirit, where the island’s faith and traditions are proudly celebrated and shared with visitors from all over the world!

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