Greek doctors in London

Greek doctors in London

Greek Doctors in London

Greek doctors in the UK can understand your pain and most importantly they speak the same language as you!

Do you feel more comfortable with a Greek doctor in London? Greek List has already created a list of specialties that you might need.

Don’t count how many kilometers you need to cover to meet your family doctor back in Greece!  The Greek-speaking community in the UK has everything…and Greek List found for you Greek-speaking doctors in the UK who are ready to help you.

Find your Greek Doctor in London and the UK in the below article with just one click and book an appointment with them

Greek Gynaecologist in London

Dr. Maria Papadopoulou MD | Gynaecologist & Anti-ageing specialist

Dr Maria Papadopoulou is a dedicated gynaecologist and anti-ageing specialist recognised by the ABAARM (American Board of Anti-Ageing and Retrograde Medicine). Based in London at the Bader Medical Institute and in Dubai, she has decades of experience, in which she has travelled the world, training in Greece and the United States of America to gain the medical knowledge to make her an expert in her field.

Contact  or book an appointment Dr. Maria Papadopoulou HERE


Greek Paediatrician in London

Dr Olga Kapellou MD, FRCPCH, DCH | Greek Paediatrician – Neonatologist London

Dr Olga Kapellou is a Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist. She specialized in a number of major London teaching hospitals including Great Ormond Street, Hammersmith, St Mary’s Paddington, Queen Charlotte’s, Chelsea & Westminster and University College London.

Contact  or book an appointment Dr Olga Kapellou HERE

Greek dermatologist in London

Dr Anastasia Therianou | MD, PhD – Consultant Dermatologist


Dr Anastasia Therianou (GMC number: 7063111) is a UK qualified Consultant Dermatologist at the world-renowned Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Contact  or book an appointment with Dr Anastasia Therianou HERE

Greek Dentist in London 

Dr George Papadakis – Certified Diamond Invisalign Specialist

Dr. George Papadakis is a specialist in smile makeovers utilizing the Invisalign System along with Teeth Whitening και Teeth Bonding.
Dr. George Papadakis works as an aesthetic consultant dentist in various dental practices in London and Greater London.

Contact  or book an appointment with Dr George Papadakis HERE


Greek online Doctors in the UK

DOCANDU | Online Doctor & Digital Health Services

Docandu is a digital health platform that simplifies the way patients interact with doctors, store their medical records, and check their symptoms of more than 1000 diseases (including COVID19).

UK residents may be familiar with Babylon Health or Push Doctor, but Docandu offers the opportunity to talk to a doctor in Greek, to make communication easier, while building a complete medical history in English and Greek.

Discount Code for a 20% discount on the yearly Premium Membership subscription to Docandu

Do you know any Greek Greek Doctors in London and the Uk that are not in our list?

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