Greek Medical Professionals in London: Bridging Culture and Care

Embracing Health and Wellness with a Touch of Hellenic Expertise

In the heart of London, the Greek community enjoys access to a rich array of Greek-speaking healthcare professionals, each bringing a blend of cultural understanding and medical expertise., a cornerstone for the Greek diaspora in the UK, showcases a diverse group of medical experts, ensuring that language and culture are no barriers to quality healthcare. 

Expertise Across the Spectrum

Dr. Maria Papadopoulou, Gynecologist: A renowned gynecologist and anti-ageing specialist, Dr. Papadopoulou’s practice extends from London to Dubai, offering decades of global expertise.

Dr. Olga Kapellou, Pediatrician: As a Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Dr. Kapellou brings her experience from major London hospitals to the Greek community, specializing in child healthcare.


Dr. Anastasia Therianou, Dermatologist: Affiliated with the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Dr. Therianou is a UK qualified consultant dermatologist, providing top-tier skin care.


 Dr. George Papadakis, Dentist: Specializing in aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Papadakis offers smile makeovers using the Invisalign System, teeth whitening, and bonding.


DOCANDU, Digital Health Services: This platform revolutionizes patient-doctor interactions, allowing for consultations in Greek, bridging the gap in digital healthcare.


Dr. Elias Tsakos, Fertility Specialist: Providing specialized reproductive healthcare, Dr. Tsakos is a renowned figure in obstetrics and gynecology.


 Athina Patsoule, Psychotherapist: Offering online counseling and psychotherapy, she focuses on mental well-being and support.


Maria Anastasaki, Psychologist: Catering to a range of psychological needs, she brings a compassionate approach to mental health.

Dental Love Ltd and Perioworld UK Dentistry: These practices underscore the importance of oral health, offering a variety of dental services.

Dr. Mooz Michael P. Mouzakis, Plastic Surgeon: His expertise in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is a testament to the diverse medical services available.


Gold Medical Centre: This healthcare facility provides a spectrum of medical services, ensuring comprehensive care.

Chaido Vogiatzi, Child Psychologist: Specializing in child development and education, she plays a crucial

role in the younger generation’s well-being.

Culturally Informed, Patient-Centric Care

These professionals exemplify a commitment to culturally informed care, understanding the unique needs of the Greek community in London. From advanced medical treatments to psychological support, they ensure that healthcare is more than just a service; it’s a part of the community’s social fabric.

Accessible and Inclusive Healthcare

The Greeklist platform not only lists these professionals but also provides a portal for easy access and appointment bookings. Whether you’re seeking medical advice, mental health support, or specialized treatments, the Greek medical community in London stands ready to serve with expertise and empathy.

In London’s cosmopolitan setting, the Greek community doesn’t have to look far for healthcare professionals who speak their language, both literally and culturally. This network of Greek doctors, dentists, and therapists, curated by, is a shining example of how healthcare can be seamlessly integrated with cultural understanding, making health and wellness accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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