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🐾 Care Plan Platinum | Veterinary cover for All year round £70 🐾

🐾 Care Plan Platinum | Veterinary cover for All year round £70 🐾 📱 Unlimited video calls & live chat with experienced vets 🕗 Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 20:00-02:00 💰 Minimize costs & travel 🩺 Say goodbye to "Google Doctor" Anxiety 🐾 Valid for 4 pets per family 🥗 Personalized nutrition plans tailored to your pet 🎓 Access to professional training programs 🏨 Exclusive offers on hotels, taxis, and more Give your pets the platinum treatment they deserve! 🐶🐱


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MyVets is the first independent Digital Veterinary service in Greece, offering consultations and guidance Veterinary sessions for your pet-wherever you are!

Connect with a vet instantly, online | Our team of Veterinarians and their knowledge at your disposal, 7 days a week - wherever you are!

Ensuring your peace of mind as a pet parent starts here!

Affordable and Flexible
Avoid  unnecessary emergency room visits and save money. With our many years of experience in clinics in Greece and abroad, we know the needs of your pet. No registration fee . No hidden charges .

Access to services every day
We put an end to the so-called "Google Doctor" syndrome. With MyVets you have Veterinary coverage in your pocket seven days a week from the comfort of your home, on the road or on holiday!

We cover every aspect of your pet's care and ensure your own peace of mind. No question about his safety and health is trivial!

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