The oldest Greek deli in the UK – We have been in business since 1952, So when we choose a product to sell we draw on over 60 years’ experience of eastern Mediterranean cuisine. We have all the authentic products you would like to find from Greece and Cyprus Cheese's (Feta, Gaviera, Kefalotyri, Kasseri...) Olive's (Kalamata, Ampissa, Giant Green Olives, Cracked Green Olives...) Fillo Pastry & Kataifi to make your favourite pies e.g: Spanakopita, Galaktoporeko, Kataifi and many more.. Greek Honey from Attiki, Multi Award Winning Greek Honey (Thyme & Flora flowers, Thyme or Fino Honey from Greek Forest’s). The Attiki company has been packing the best Greek honey since 1928, and they are both the oldest and the largest honey producer in Greece. It remains a family business and their success has been achieved through commitment to quality and support for their beekeepers. They invest heavily in research and training, and this pursuit of excellence has won Attiki many international awards. Cretan Rusks known as “Dakos”, The Manna bakers in Crete have been producing traditional bread products since 1948. They developed Barley Rusks (aka 'Paximadi') in the 1960's and these rapidly became popular worldwide. Made with the purest Cretan ingredients, they are baked in a wood-burning oven for a crunchy texture and excellent flavour. These are often used to make 'Dakos' - moistened with a little water, olive oil or wine and topeed with tomato, feta and olives. ION Chocolate - For over 70 years the name ION has become the generic name for chocolate in Greece due to the company’s adhesion to quality, innovation and the special taste of its products. The Famous ION Amigdalou’ remains the leading chocolate brand for over four decades and many more of their exciting chocolates. Greek Olive Oil by Minerva - Minerva is the oldest olive oil company in Greece, established over 100 years ago. Since then it has developed into the largest exporter of Greek olive oil with one of the most modern and advanced production facilities, and the best-trained workforce. Minerva Extra Virgin Olive Oil which also come in Organic Olive Oil, P.D.O Kalamata Olive Oil and Classic that can be used for both cooking and salads. Kolymvari Gold is extra virgin olive oil from the Kolymvari region of Crete, made only from koroneiki olives, hand picked and cold pressed within 24 hours. It has a fresh, fruity and full bodied flavour. And Many More..... We look Forward to seing you!!

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