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Hair Extensions from £380.00 (-15%)

Hair extensions are a blessing for those of us who weren't blessed with naturally long, voluminous locks. Select from a range of installation techniques available to match your hair type and achieve your desired look.


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Ladies - Tape / Clip / Keratin Bonds / Micro Rings / Nano Ring Extensions | Starts at  £450.00 (-15% at £380.00) 

Consultation needed, please note that the price is starting from point and does not reflect the final price.

(for example: Full Head 20 sandwiches )

consultation minimum 4 days prior

Hair extensions are a godsend for those of us who don't have perfectly long, flowing voluminous locks from birth. Choose from a variety of installation techniques on offer to suit your hair type and desired outcome.

- First, a consultation is completed where you can explain what type of look you're going for.
- After your hair is separated and each extension is carefully applied to your hair.
- Service includes Wash/ Cut /Blow-dry and Styling
- The stylists at this salon work with your complexion, hair and ideas to offer professional advice on the perfect extensions for you.

* No refunds are acceptable after the services.

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