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Lalagia - Rolled breadsticks - Λαλάγγια

One of the biggest fragments in the traditional mosaic and heritage of Messinia I lalaggia. Fried bread thins traditionally served with fera and olives served with ouzo and meze. Spiled with orange it was a staple in every household in Mani.



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Lagana, the Shrove (Clean) Monday’s bread

Freshly baked and delicious Lagana by Politis Delights (4.5£/piece)

Special delicacy, which marks the start of Great Lent. Lagana is the unfermented bread, in other words is been made without yeast. Its name relates back with the ancient name “laganon”, which was a flat bread made from water and flour. This flatbread used by Israeli the night preceding the Exodus from Egypt that was led by Moses. Since then, Law of Moses imposes Israelis that during Easter week only flatbread allowed, until Jesus bless the easter bread during Passover meal.

According to scripts Lagana is the delicacy of the poor and according to tradition is consumed during Shrove (Clean) Monday, the first day of Great Lent, seven weeks during which Orthodox Christians prepare mind and body for the miracle of Resurrection. Now with Politis Delights you are able to honour this tradition also in United Kingdom, with just a click on our website ( )

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