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Rejuvenate Your Look: Ladies - Root Regrowth with Haircut and Blow Dry from £85.00 (-15%)

Touch up your roots with a carefully matched coloUr to refresh your look and prevent coloUr buildup.


Original price was: £110.00.Current price is: £85.00. Including VAT

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Ladies - Root Regrowth with Haircut & Blow Dry | Starts at  £110.00 (-15% at £85.00) 

A carefully matched colour top-up, covering just your roots. Aside from restoring the complete look, this technique helps you avoid any nasty colour build-up.

Restore your hue with a perfect root-tip colour.

Whether the client would like a massage during shampooing, there will be an extra charge of £ 5,00 at the salon.

* No refunds are acceptable after the services.

* If the booking does not reflect the actual hair length, additional charges will be added to cover the difference.

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