Summer Jobs in Greece: Work, Explore, and Soak Up the Sun!

Summer Jobs in Greece

A guide on summer jobs in Greece, by the team at Greeklist.

1. Combining job and leisure

Are you a young British adventurer looking for an unforgettable summer experience? Look no further than Greece! This vibrant country offers the perfect blend of work opportunities and stunning vacation vibes, making it an ideal destination for summer jobs. Imagine working in a lively hotel, spa, restaurant, or gym, and then spending your free time exploring ancient ruins, swimming in crystal-clear waters, and living the Greek nightlife during your free time.

2. Why work in Greece during the Summer?

  • High Demand: Greece relies heavily on seasonal workers in the tourism industry, especially during the summer months. This means there are plenty of job opportunities available in various sectors, from hospitality and leisure to retail and customer service.
  • Work-Life Balance: You can easily combine your work with exploring the beauty of Greece. Many jobs offer flexible schedules, allowing you ample time to enjoy the beaches, historical sites, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Cultural Experience: Immerse yourself in the rich Greek culture and history. Learn basic Greek phrases, try delicious local cuisine, and experience the warm hospitality of the Greek people.
  • Affordable Living: Compared to other European destinations, Greece offers a relatively lower cost of living, making it easier to manage your finances while working and exploring.
  • English is widely spoken: While Greek is the official language, a significant portion of the population, especially those in the tourism industry, can communicate effectively in English.

Remember, the most important qualities employers look for are enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn.

Greek Hotel

3. Types of Summer jobs in Greece

Here are some of the most popular Summer jobs in Greece:

a) Hospitality

  • Wait staff: Serve delicious meals and drinks to guests, ensuring a memorable dining experience.
  • Bartenders: Craft and serve cocktails and beverages, adding a touch of flair to the bar scene.
  • Receptionists: Welcome guests, answer inquiries, and handle administrative tasks, being the first point of contact for a smooth stay.
  • Housekeeping staff: Maintain the cleanliness and comfort of guest rooms, ensuring a fresh and welcoming environment.
  • Animation teams: Entertain families and children with games, activities, and shows, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  • Spa attendants & gym instructors: Assist guests with spa treatments or exercising while ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

b) Restaurants

  • Restaurant Manager: Oversees the entire restaurant operation, including the front-of-house staff, ensuring smooth service and customer satisfaction.
  • Chef: Oversee the entire kitchen operation, ensuring quality, consistency, and creativity of dishes.
  • Line Cook: Work on the production line, preparing specific elements of dishes and ensuring a smooth flow in the kitchen.
  • Wait staff: Take orders, serve food and drinks, and ensure guests have a pleasant dining experience.
  • Restaurant Manager: Oversees the entire restaurant operation, including the front-of-house staff, ensuring smooth service and customer satisfaction.
  • Food Runner: Assists servers by delivering prepared food from the kitchen to the tables, ensuring speed and accuracy.

c) Leisure and Entertainment

  • Lifeguards: Ensure the safety of guests at swimming pools and beaches, providing a sense of security and enjoyment.
  • Activity leaders: Guide guests through various activities like water sports, horseback riding, or cultural tours, creating exciting and memorable experiences.
  • Customer service representatives: Assist guests with inquiries, bookings, and rentals, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

d) Retail and Sales

  • Sales associates: Help customers find the perfect souvenirs and local products, offering friendly and informative service.
  • Customer service representatives: Assist customers with inquiries, purchases, and returns, ensuring a positive shopping experience.

e) Other

  • Farm work: Assist with tasks like harvesting, planting, and tending to crops or animals, gaining valuable agricultural knowledge.
  • Translation and interpretation: Assist with communication between international tourists and locals if you have language skills.
  • Photographer: Capture the beauty of Greece and its people by working as a photographer in resorts, events or even as a freelancer.

4. Planning and Preparation for a Summer Job in Greece

Here are some things to consider before working in Greece during the Summer:

  • Prepare early: The best time to start looking for a summer job in Greece is in the early spring. This is when most companies and organisations will begin to post their open positions.
  • Visas and permits: If you’re not an EU citizen, you’ll need a work visa to work legally in Greece. You can find more information about work visas on the website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or contact the British Embassy in Athens.
  • Language: While English is spoken in tourist areas, basic Greek phrases will go a long way in daily life and show respect for the local culture. Consider learning some basic Greek before or during your trip.
  • Work demands: Summer jobs in Greek tourist areas can be demanding, with long hours and potentially high pressure during peak season. Be prepared to work hard and stay flexible.
  • Finances: Consider budgeting for transportation, food, potential visa fees, and any unexpected costs. Keep in mind that the official currency is the Euro.
  • Weather: Be prepared for hot, sunny weather with strong UV rays. Pack light, breathable clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Local customs: Research and Greek culture and traditions to avoid any misunderstandings or cultural faux pas.
  • Cultural immersion: Embrace the opportunity to experience the rich Greek culture, explore historical sites, and try the local cuisine. This can be a rewarding aspect of your summer work experience
  • Summer Greek Jobs

5. Where to find Summer jobs in Greece

Here are some suggestions for available Summer jobs in Greece.

  • HotelBrain Group

    This award winning company, is the largest hotelier in Greece, expanding to over 160 hotels over the country. They always look for young talent, offering Career Days.You can also submit your CV and apply for a job, here.

  • Aegeo Spas

    The leading spa management company in wellness across Greece, operating over 300 wellness centres & spas within 4*& 5* hotels & resorts.Check here for available jobs.

6. Gain money, experience and memories

In conclusion, a summer job in Greece is more than just an opportunity to earn some money. It’s a chance to:

  • Immerse yourself in a vibrant culture: Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Greek people, explore ancient ruins, and savour delicious local cuisine.
  • Develop valuable skills: Gain experience in your chosen field, learn new things, and build your resume for future endeavours.
  • Create lifelong memories: Explore breathtaking landscapes, make new friends, and forge unforgettable experiences under the Greek sun.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure that combines work, travel, and personal growth, look no further than Greece! Pack your bags, embrace the experience, and get ready for a summer you’ll never forget.

Work in Greece during Summer

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